Gilbert Town Council Approves Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Gilbert Town Council Approves Parks and Recreation Master Plan

The Gilbert Town Council has given its final approval to the much-anticipated Parks and Recreation Master Plan, a comprehensive blueprint that will guide decision-making for the town’s recreational facilities and programs over the next decade.

In 2023, Gilbert asked the community to help “Plan Where You Play” and share ideas for future parks, trails, and program offerings. Through more than 60,000 community touch-points, the town gathered valuable feedback to shape the newest Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

Key priorities identified by residents include:

  • Park development
  • Recreation centers with indoor amenities
  • Aquatic/pool facilities
  • Sports fields
  • Garden spaces
  • Multi-use paths and trails
  • Pickleball courts
  • Shade
  • Public art

These priorities represent the community’s aspirations and provide valuable guidance for future planning and development. However, it is important to note that not all identified desires will be immediately added to Gilbert’s project list. The plan aims to address current needs while anticipating future growth, ensuring that their services continue to enhance the quality of life for all residents.

“We are thrilled to have the town council’s support for this forward-thinking plan,” said Robert Carmona, Parks and Recreation Director. “This master plan is a testament to our community’s vision and dedication to creating exceptional recreational spaces that benefit the quality of life for those who live, work or play in Gilbert.”

The master plan was developed in collaboration with renowned consultants BerryDunn, J2 Engineering, the Design Laboratory, and the ETC Institute, integrating feedback from over 60,000 community members, the largest number any of these consultants have seen nationally.

Innovative outreach strategies, including digital media campaigns and interactive events, were instrumental in shaping the plan.

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