Firm Overview - ETC Institute

Firm Overview

Firm Overview

ETC Institute is a 102 person market research firm that specializes in the design and administration of market research for governmental organizations.

Our major areas of emphasis include customer satisfaction surveys, community planning surveys, business surveys, transportation surveys, employee surveys, voter opinion surveys, parks and recreation surveys, focus groups, and stakeholder interviews.

Since 1982, ETC Institute has completed research projects for organizations in 49 states. ETC Institute has designed and administered more than 2,000 statistically valid surveys and our team of professional researchers has moderated more than 1,000 focus groups and 2,000 stakeholder meetings.

During the past five years alone, ETC Institute has administered surveys in more than 700 cities and counties across the United States. ETC Institute has conducted research for more major U.S. cities than any other firm.

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