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City of Henderson, NV

About the City of Henderson, NV Surveys

About the Henderson, NV Surveys

Resident. ETC Institute administered a survey to resident of the City of Henderson. The purpose of the survey was to gather information on residents’ level of satisfaction with City services and to gather residents’ opinions regarding various other topics. Input received will be used to help City leaders know where they are doing well and where they can improve; to make certain they are making decisions that align to the needs of residents and prioritizing services that will positively impact the community.

Business. ETC Institute administered a survey to businesses in the City of Henderson. The survey was part of the City’s ongoing strategic planning process designed to involve the community in long-range planning decisions and to determine how well the City is meeting the needs of businesses in Henderson. The survey was administered using a combination of mail, phone, and internet to a random sample in the City of Henderson. .

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