Connecting Communities

Our Research is Implementation Oriented

ETC Institute’s clients do not usually hire ETC Institute just to gather data. They use our services because they know we are focused on helping them achieve their short and long range objectives. A good measurement of our ability to help our clients implement their goals and objectives involves the value of new projects that have been funded as a result of our work.

During the past five years, the results of our market research have led to more than $3 billion in organizations. Projects that have been funded include a wide range of transportation improvements, community redevelopment projects, improvements to schools and health care institutions, water and electrical utility improvements, tourism attractions, neighborhood improvements, downtown revitalization projects, open space acquisition and park improvements, and the development of numerous specialized facilities such as community centers, aquatic centers, and sports facilities.

Our ability to help our clients integrate survey research with community planning decisions helps our clients maximize the value of their investment in our services.