DirectionFinder® Organizational Health Assessment

About the DirectionFinder® Survey

About the DirectionFinder® Organizational Health Assessment

What Is ETC Institute’s DirectionFinder® Organizational Heath Assessment?

During the past two decades, ETC Institute has conducted more than 150 employee surveys for state and local governments. In 2019, ETC Institute standardized a core set of questions that are now regularly included on most of the employee surveys that are administered by our firm. By standardizing the questions, ETC Institute has been able to develop benchmarks that state and local governments can use to objectively assess their results compared to industry norms. DirectionFinder®: OHA refers to the standardized set of questions that ETC Institute has developed for our employee surveys.

What Is Source of the Data for This Dashboard?

The data presented in this dashboard comes from a National Survey of U.S. employees. The survey was administered by ETC Institute to a stratified random sample of 6,405 U.S. employees in all 50 states. The sample was managed to ensure that statistically valid samples were obtained for each of the following types of employers:
• Private Sector Employers
• Educational Institutions
• Non Profit Organizations
• U.S. Government
• State Government
• Local Government (City, County, public utilities, transit agencies, park districts, etc.)

The overall results of the national survey have an accuracy of at least +/-1.3% at the 95% level of confidence. The results for each of the six types of employers listed above have an accuracy of at least +/-4.9% at the 95% level of confidence. This survey will be repeated on an annual basis and trends will be provided in future years.

How Can I Get More Information?

For more information, please contact Nick Jones, Division Director for Organizational Research, at or 913-829-1215.


Data within ETC Institute’s DirectionFinder Dashboard Series cannot be published without the written consent from ETC Institute

For consent to publish any data from ETC Institute’s DirectionFinder Dashboard Series, please contact Jason Morado, Vice President of Community Research, at or 913-829-1215.

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