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With over 40 years of experience and millions of residents surveyed across 49 states, we offer a variety of community survey options to meet your needs. Whether you represent a city government or non-profit organization, we’ve got you covered. 

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We’re passionate about gathering vital data that informs transportation solutions. Our team has contributed to over 400 transportation-related data collection efforts nationwide.

This data provides clear and detailed insights for our clients, covering onboard satisfaction and quality, rider demographics, trends, benchmarks, and more. From public transit networks to cycling paths, we are dedicated to shaping transportation strategies based on accurate, comprehensive data.

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Happy employees are the key to a successful organization. Our organizational surveys help city governments and nonprofits in enhancing workplace morale and production by gaining insights into employee needs and opinions.

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Discover some communities and organizations we’ve supported with our innovative surveys.

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DirectionFinder® Dashboards for Data Clarity

We specialize in simplifying complex data through dynamic data visualization. Our team crafts personalized DirectionFinder® Dashboards that transform datasets into clear, actionable visuals.

Our tailored dashboards and custom data visualization ensure clear and effective communication of findings, ultimately propelling your analysis efforts and facilitating implementation of survey results.

DirectionFinder® Dashboards
Custom, Accessible and Simplified Data
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Maximizing Insights: Our In-House Benchmarking Edge

ETC Institute maintains national and regional benchmarking data for more than 100 types of local governmental services.

Discover how you compare to other cities across the country. Track your area’s progress over time with composite customer satisfaction indices and sentiment analysis – giving you an emotional pulse of your target audience.

Comparative Data Analysis
Gauge Your Performance Within Industry Contexts
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Elevate Your Surveys: The Mobile App Advantage

ETC Institute leverages custom mobile apps, tailored to fit the unique demands of your survey project. These streamline processes between field researchers, survey participants and our analysis teams, ensuring an intuitive user experience every step of the way.

Explore how our innovative use of custom mobile apps can elevate your survey results and drive success.

Maximizing Responder Engagement
Using Innovative Methods to Capture Survey Engagement
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Don't Navigate Complex Data Alone

We understand that understanding raw survey data can be daunting. With over 40 years of experience, our team of dedicated data analysts assist in interpreting and transforming your data into strategies.

Arm yourself with actionable recommendations and strategies to improve the lives of your community.

Uncovering Strategic Insights
Skilled Analysts Helping You Uncover The Most From Your Data
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