Bonnie Sheridan - ETC Institute

Bonnie Sheridan


Mrs. Sheridan supervises a Call Center staff of 25-30 specially trained household travel survey interviewers who are frequently the main contact for respondents with our research team.  She is responsible for ensuring the timeliness and accuracy of the data her team collects.  As Team Leader, she reviews the database and demographics of the population being surveyed and assigns timeliness of production.  During the performance of a given survey, she frequently maps and verifies information for respondents about their travels to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data reported.  She also allocates assignments to balance the recruitment, reminder, and retrieval activities receive proper and timely attention.  Mrs. Sheridan is responsible for all follow-up on Household Travel Studies that involve the use of GPS devices.

Mrs. Sheridan is certified in the management of multiple projects, objectives and deadlines by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy.  She is also certified in a variety of software programs including Microsoft Excel and Word.  In a typical month, Mrs. Sheridan may coordinate as many as seven travel studies concurrently, from inception through completion.



Professional Affiliation:


12+ years