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Andrew Kolcz P.E., AICP


Mr. Kolcz leads ETC Institute’s Systems Team, responsible for the development and maintenance of data collection, processing, analysis, mapping and visualization systems for the full spectrum of surveys offered by ETC, including web- and smartphone-based software. Andrew has designed and led the development of several cutting-edge data collection and processing technologies which have since become state of the practice in transit survey delivery. His exceptional drive towards innovation and efficiency has resulted in radical increases in high quality data capture and associated project cost savings. Andrew is an expert GIS analyst and system developer, skilled in advanced spatial analysis techniques, mapping, and systems modeling for planning and operations using tools such as TransCAD, Synchro, and ArcGIS. Mr. Kolcz has developed and implemented spatial digital databases for travel forecasting models, pavement management systems, and traffic engineering projects.

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Survey Software Design and Development
  • Long Range Transportation Planning
  • Travel Demand Modeling
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Congestion Mitigation
  • Traffic Impact Analysis / Trip Generation
  • Site Circulation / Access / Shared Parking
  • Capacity Analysis / Computer Simulation
  • Traffic Signal Design / Timing



B.S.C.E ’92 at Arizona State University

Professional Affiliation:

Institute of Transportation Engineers; American Planning Association; Arizona Planning Association; ITS Arizona


26+ years

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