Andrew Kolcz - ETC Institute

Andrew Kolcz


As ETC Institute’s senior geocoding professional, Mr. Kolcz is an expert GIS analyst and system developer. He is skilled in advanced spatial analysis techniques and transportation systems modeling for planning and operations using TransCAD, ArcGIS, MapInfo, Manifold System, and TransModeler. Mr. Kolcz has developed, implemented, and analyzed spatial digital databases for transportation infrastructure planning, travel forecasting models, pavement management systems, and traffic engineering projects. He has prototyped custom GIS/Web applications for real-time traffic management and pavement management systems and has trained numerous agency and consultant staff on the basic and advanced GIS setup and analysis. Mr. Kolcz has developed and published popular commercial software that automates data-intensive portions of the engineering analysis workflow and eliminates associated data transfer errors.

Mr. Kolcz has mastered unparalleled skills in geocoding of socioeconomic, population, and transportation planning data including household travel surveys and origin-destination surveys. Mr. Kolcz has developed an efficient geocoding process, which routinely produces address matching hit rates well in excess of 95% for household activity travel surveys (with high confidence levels) and statistically valid geocoded records of even the most difficult O-D survey databases; Mr. Kolcz has worked directly with the developers of the geocoding engine to implement custom software procedures or improve the existing ones to better suit the particular needs of the project.

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Long Range Planning
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Travel Demand Modeling
  • Vehicle Routing
  • Congestion Mitigation
  • Impact Analysis / Trip Generation
  • Traffic Operations Analysis
  • Site Circulation / Access / Shared Parking
  • Capacity Analysis / Computer Simulation
  • Traffic Signal Design / Timing



Professional Affiliation:

Institute of Transportation Engineers; American Planning Association; Arizona Planning Association; ITS Arizona