Looking for Transportation or Transit Surveys? ETC Institute can help

Transportation Surveys

Transportation Surveys

ETC Institute became involved in transportation related research in the early 1980s. Since then, ETC Institute has administered dozens of origin and destination surveys and more than 400 transportation related research studies on a wide range of topics, including: public transit, major investment studies, corridor studies, congestion management systems, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), intermodal freight centers, international trade processing centers, commuter rail, light rail, park and ride, pedestrian/bicycle paths/lanes and many other topics.

If a transit agency, MPO, or other city/state organization needs to know:

  • how their transit riders use their transit system
  • how residents travel day-to-day
  • the types of vehicles traveling their roadways
  • the types of traffic different workplace establishments generate

…we’ve got it covered.

ETC has surveyed hundreds of thousands of transit riders, workplaces, and residents for various transportation studies. If you would like to contact us for a more in-depth explanation of our various services you can do so here. Otherwise, please browse the links below for the type of transportation survey you are looking for. Our experts are standing by to help walk you through the survey process from beginning to end.