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Household Travel Survey

Household Travel Survey

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The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is conducting a household travel survey in the San Antonio, Killeen-Temple and Waco areas.

To help develop the best improvement plans and projects possible, TxDOT and local communities collect travel information from businesses, residents and drivers. TxDOT has contracted with ETC Institute to administer this survey. ETC staff will be randomly selecting households in the aforementioned areas to participate in the travel survey. Information provided will be used for research purposes and kept confidential, except as provided by the Public Information Act.

Although your participation is voluntary, we hope you will consider making it a priority to participate in the survey to ensure that similar households in the area are properly represented. The results will be used by TxDOT to plan future transportation improvements in the area.

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For some additional information on these surveys, check out the TxDOT website.

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If you have any questions regarding this survey or would like to verify the legitimacy of the study, please contact Sonya Solinksy – Travel Survey Program Manager for TxDOT at or by phone at (512) 983-4608.